Fisioterapia pélvica

Com ênfase em sexualidade feminina, essa ferramenta ajuda mulheres em tratamento do câncer a terem melhor qualidade de vida sexual.


Ferramenta utilizada em mais de 40 países para o auto conhecimento, desbloqueio de crenças limitantes e no processo de cura integral.

Psychological Support

Our services are in a group, in Rio de Janeiro and in Niterói, helping them in the search for self-knowledge

Professional Coaching

Coordinated by coach and psychologist Solange Ribeiro, this group helps women who have gone through cancer treatment to discover their talents in order to pursue a professional activity.

Oncology Nutrition

Videos and lectures on nutrition and appropriate food choice during cancer treatment.


Living with the pain is not normal, so we offer free physiotherapy for women undergoing treatment.

Photo Shootings

A rescue of self-esteem through photography, our photographic shootings are unforgettable encounters for women in treatment.

Tattoo of the Breast Areola

We offer the opportunity to reconstruct the mammary areola through the realistic tattoo, for women who had breast cancer.

Micropigmentation of the Eyebrowns

Nothing better than seeing your eyebrows again after going through a chemo treatment, right?

Legal Advice

Through the law firm Santos Pedro, women have legal counsel, regarding their rights as cancer patients.

Present Encounters

We have quarterly meetings so that the bonds of affection are strengthened among women.